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PHYSICS, MUSIC and COMPUTERS are my passion.

If I have these things by my side,I dont really require anything else.

I sometimes think myself as a 'traveller'- travelling to unravel the secrets of the universe.

In my journey through the road less taken,

PHYSICS is like a torchlight, showing the path.
MUSIC is my source of energy,my food and water.
A COMPUTER is a faithful companion that never betrays you.

Hello, and Welcome! My name is Shreyak Chakraborty and I am a student,an independent researcher of physics and a science enthusiast. I have worked in various areas of science especially theoretical physics. I also have a small research lab called Centre for Theoretical High Energy Physics(CTHEP). I am a supporter of the Open Source Initiative and of using FOSS(Free and Open Source Software). My aim is to understand the working of the universe. This website will display my research ideas in science in the form of Research Articles and Research Papers which exist in two different sections. A separate section will also display my 'current research project'. You may contact me at
My research interests are- string theory, molecular physics,solid state physics,computational physics,applied mathematics,genetics, computer programming and philosophical sciences.
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